Welcome to the… FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY!!!

So, as most of you may remember I had written up my last blog post back in the month of February right on Valentine’s Day, the events of the evening at the Get Social conference were a fantastic event.

However, I went to a GetDigital Conference known as the National Conference on Cloud Computing and Commerce on April 11th 2017. It was a 2 hour event and there were only three guest speakers this time compared to the last conference that I went to which had 6 guest speakers and was also 4 hours.

One of the guest speakers was Allistair Croll, who is a Lean Analytics author and a public speaker. His talk was quite interesting as well as odd. Odd in a good way though. His talk was about Horses, Tea, Steam, and Perfume.Allistair Croll

So according to Allistair, technology is not ‘the be all’ of society. You can probably see why I found this guest speaker interesting. I would say that it is pretty true that most people cannot imagine a world without their smart phones, as Allistair mentioned. Some people are not like that however, for example, I have a friend who believes that technology is taking over people’s lives due to the fact that she knows people who just can’t seem to put their phones down, and just live in the moment. I myself can see what she’s talking about as most people nowadays like to use social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook and even Twitter to post content, i.e. videos, tweets, etc.

In continuation, Allistair explained how our perception of everything has completely changed. Our perception of ourselves and the small things around us has changed enormously. He explained how we ‘species’ don’t seem to ever see changes coming our way, i.e. the introduction of the iPhone. ‘Over 1 billion iPhones have been sold since its first ever release on the 29th June 2007’ (Smith, 2017).

So, now I’m going to move onto talking about another speaker who is in fact an Aussie. His name goes by Johnny Walker anJohnny Walker, Jinga Lifed he is an Interventional Radiologist and Nuclear Physician. His talk was entirely different from Allistair Croll’s one, in fact he came onto the stage to talk about the idea of integrating technology into medicine. The idea is called ‘Telemedicine’ – ‘a virtual out – patient clinic’. Johnny Walker had a few things to say about the Healthcare Ecosystem which was the fact that it was ‘Chaos’. He went on to explain how the system seemed to be unsafe, inefficient and quite costly for that matter. A solution he put forward was to promote Health and Wellness within the Community by extending current primary care models, i.e. GP.

According to The Journal, the healthcare system in Ireland seems to be doing something wrong which leads to increasing complaints such as ‘long waiting lists, healthcare professionals under pressure and emergency services at breaking point’(The Journal).

According to the EuroHealth Consumer Index 2016, Ireland scored the worst on the following six headings:

  1. Patient Rights and Information, i.e. E-Prescriptions, online booking of appointments
  2. Accessibility, i.e. A&E waiting times, direct access to specialist
  3. Outcomes, i.e. Abortion
  4. Range and Reach Services, i.e. equity of healthcare systems
  5. Prevention , i.e. alcohol, physical activity

EuroHealth Consumer Index 2016 Chart: Click here to see the worst scores in Ireland.

In regards to prevention, according to the Journal, the Royal College of Physicians state that ‘Ireland could become the fattest country in Europe by 2030’ if something is not done to prevent this. It is quite shocking to see that even children in Ireland are becoming increasingly obese or overweight and a shocking fact provided by SafeFood Ireland states that, ‘4 out of 5 children in Ireland do not meet physical activity requirements – 60 minutes a day’.

So, if we revert back to the solution put forward by Johnny Walker, maybe you can see it but it is not an effective healthcare delivery model and that’s why he feels in order to engage and educate the people, it would be necessary to enable technologies. It would be a total redesign of the Healthcare system as all the focus would be in The Home. Basically, patients would be able to receive all this service and information about their health at home through a home healthcare service app, i.e. Jinga Life.Jinga Life Snip Photo

Jinga Life is a personal electronic health record (EHR) for each member of the family. The platform places the Jinga, i.e. the carer of the home, usually the woman, at the centre of healthcare in order to take care of her family through the provision of resources, knowledge and connectivity’(Jinga Life).

Source: YouTube

The final speaker of the day was David Erixon, the Head of Digital and Customer David Erixon - Ulster BankInnovation in Ulster Bank. He spoke to us about the future of money and banking. David is Swedish and he provided us with information about money transactions that take place in Sweden.

”In Sweden, only 2% of transactions are made using physical money.”

I can’t even imagine having to only carry around a card for the rest of my life to make transactions on day to day items; in fact I hate the idea of using a card, only because of card fraud, i.e. lost/stolen cards, account takeover, counterfeit cards, etc. (Wong, 2008) Cash is the ultimate source of money that I prefer to carry around when making transactions.

Furthermore, it is clear that Sweden is now becoming a cashless country as thousands of people prefer to carry cards around with them even though there are so many risks associated with credit transactions. Many department stores and supermarkets have adapted to this new wave of cashless transactions.

Source: YouTube

Even if Ireland were to adapt to this new idea of ‘cashless transactions’, I would still hope that department stores and supermarkets continue to allow consumers to use cash to buy goods and services.

Anyways, there are such things as a mobile payment system, for example. ApplePay, Google Wallet, Paypal. Honestly, technology is evolving fast. David did mention that using such services like Apple Pay is even more secure than using a Visa Card and, that is why Ulster Bank has introduced the service ApplePay for customers in order to have quick and easy transactions on the go!! This is such a complete new way to keep customers satisfied with services.

Well, that is the end of my blog post and I’m glad to have attended this event and all the other events in the past. These conferences are a real eye-opener for me as I’ve learnt that technology is increasingly becoming the center of our world, with new and innovative ways to integrate technology to be more engaging, educating and even beneficial for the community we live in. This was an amazing experience and I would like to thank the DICE team for their support in the whole DICE experience.


Thank you!!


Why Social Media Marketing is GREAT….

So, as most of you will remember I posted a blog post on TheMaggieBlog about a #GetStarted event that happened quite frankly last year in the month of November. Well, this time I have another blog post to share with you guys relating to Social Media Marketing!! SocialImage result for social media Media is such a popular aspect of life at the moment. I can guarantee you that at least everyone who owns an electronic device in the world wakes up every morning and checks their social media status before going about to do their daily duties. Even I do it… sometimes…

Anyways, the event #GetSocial’17 happened on of course, Valentine’s Day. What a coincidence!! [Each speaker had something interesting to say and one thing that] I highlighted during the whole 4-hour event was the word: ‘ENGAGEMENT‘. That word seemingly popped up so many times in regards to social media marketing that I just had to write it down. Companies that want to build a relationship with the public eye all aim for the engagement of the people. Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of building ones’ company – whether it is through videos, blog posts or even podcasts.


Paul Hayes was our host for that night. CEO Founder of Beachhuts PR, their aim is ‘’to service the needs of the fastest growing tech players.’’ One thing is for sure that he didn’t get to where he was so easily, in fact, he had to deal with failure along the way to get to a successful position in his life. Also a fact to keep in mind is 90% of company start-ups fail but… WILL YOUR COMPANY BE THE ONE TO SURVIVE? One thing I’ve been taught since doing all three business subjects in secondary school is that profit will always come and go but the one thing that a business aims for is SURVIVAL.

Anyways, on to the social media talk. Social Media. What is Social Media? Here’s a little video in which kids explain Social Media. I would say it’s the cutest video yet.

What Is Social Media, anyway?


Social Media is a wonderful thing, right? We had six guest speakers explain how social media marketing aided in advancing their business towards success. There are so many companies in Ireland, that are yet to become huge and social media marketing is one of the greatest phenomena to be of help to start ups and even existing companies. 

First speaker of the night was Matthew Weil, the founder of VoiceSage. Engagement is definitely something that was highlighted during his talk and just like many other guest speakers during the event. ‘’VoiceSage makes customer engagement smarter giving you proactive, intelligent conversations with your customer.’’ Something that I surely remember him mentioning is ‘Life before Facebook’. It’s funny because I only joined Facebook in the year 2016, so I felt I was on his wave, if you get me… Facebook was not something that I have wanted to join only because of the crazy things that I hear about it with regards to beef and whatnot… However, I knew that once I was accepted into college, I had to join a social media site in order to stay in contact with classmates, family and even friends. Sure there are crazy headlines on my timeline due to the pages that I follow but after all, I’m only there for the connectivity and engagement with my peoples.

Videos seem to be the best way to convey your message about your company to engage the population.

On the topic of engagement, one of the speakers known as Aisling Tobin had a very good presentation on the Rules of Engagement to engage the audience. To sum it all up: people enjoy looking through the internet to discover new and interesting things. The brand Jameson Irish Whiskey aims to give the people what they want to see. This could be through tweets and even top quality videos. People want to be able to share inspiration and even aspirations through pictures and so Jameson Irish Whiskey set up a Twitter Account to pursue this: #SineMetuSpirits. 

I myself have checked it out and I found out that Sine Metu means ”without fear”. Sine Metu is actually an awesome Twitter page to start with, I can definitely see the brand Jameson Whiskey being even more popular with the likes of social media marketing in the future.

Image result for jameson irish whiskey logo

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. When you fear a bit less, you live a bit more. 

Snapchat has now become a more useful tool nowadays for not only people but also companies such as Bank of Ireland. Bank of Ireland is the first banking company to use Snapchat as a way to engage their customers. Their motto is to ‘Create, Curate and Collaborate’. Videos seem to be the best way to convey a message about any company to engage the public and so, Bank of Ireland create videos to let the people know what’s poppin’ down in their bank. Annie Marie Boyhan, the head of Social Bank of Ireland explained the 3 C’s to the audience. Like I said before, ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ is a word that popped up so many times and this presentation screamed ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ at every corner. 

Related image

Here is a video of the co-founder as well as the CEO of Snap Inc., Evan Spiegel:

About 84% of the population expect brands to produce content in some form as a way of engaging the people about their company. As a digital transformation consultant, Hugh Curran (another guest speaker), highlighted that 6 out of 10 people watch content through videos on their portable devices, i.e. laptop, android. I am one of those people who enjoy watching videos all the time, especially on YouTube. YouTube I believe is quite big nowadays, I’ve witnessed a lot of people create YouTube accounts even some of my friends have decided to create content through YouTube.  However, although there are thousands of people creating content, 60% of the content produced is of poor quality as stated by Hugh Curran. Obviously, I’m sure people would not want to watch content that is of crappy quality because I know I wouldn’t. I believe he reinforced the importance of creating top quality content through videos to engage the people who enjoy watching videos.Image result for engagement word

Moving away from the topic of engagement, although that was the main thing that I heard all throughout the event, we move on to the word ‘Connectivity’. I believe Paul Berney emphasised the concept of Connectivity through his speech. With Social Media Marketing, companies are connected to each individual person on this planet through the use of different kinds of communication. For companies, I believe the main one would be face-to-face communication. In order for one to be a Connected Marketer, as Paul termed it, companies would need to build an understanding, enable, remove barriers to engagement and be of service.

  • Build an Understanding: Do your research!! Ask and listen to customers.
  • Enable: It’s all about connectivity!! Focus on the customer.
  • Remove barriers to engagement: No one likes complexity.
  • Be of service: Customers want companies who will be able to understand and also recognise issues at hand.Image result for Disruption word

Last but not least, Eric Weaver was the final guest of the day. This guy works within Xerox as a Vice President of Communications & Marketing. The word of the day for him was ‘DISRUPTION’. Now I won’t lie, but that is not a word that sticks to me entirely unlike that of ‘ENGAGEMENT’; however, Eric had some interesting words to say. He mentioned that companies get excited over the word disruption as this is a way to challenge companies to solve the problem, however at the same time; they dread the outcome of disruption. I myself dread the idea of disruption, but it happens daily to individuals, so why wouldn’t it happen to businesses as well? 

So in the end, the event turned out to be great and I learnt that ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ is the key for social media marketing. All speakers had great knowledge on their topics of discussion and I am glad that I was able to attend this event. This has also given me ideas for a start-up that I would like to create in the future. I hope this has given you some insight into social media marketing and good luck with your start-up or even your existing company.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.





Entrepreneurship: Is it worth the try?

Welcome to The Maggie blog. This is my first post. I hope you enjoy.

The 8th November 2016 was a pretty special day for most students and staff in DCU. DCU hosted another Get Started 2016 event in the Helix and there were a lot of entrepreneurs invited to come up on stage and tell their story. Andrew Keogh, an International aaeaaqaaaaaaaalpaaaajgqwntkzywi4ltq4ztktngqyns04oge3lta3ywflzte4ytlmmaspeaker/Speakers coach was hosting the Get Started 2016 event.

Entrepreneurship is quite big in Ireland. There are millions of entrepreneurs in the world today that are regarded as inspiring people. The most remarkable entrepreneur being Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of the biggest technology company, Apple Incorporated. The number of entrepreneurs in Ireland is on the rise in recent years as there has been a rise in the number of Irish Female entrepreneurs since 2015 which has risen to 22%.  The Get Started 2016 event really opened my eyes to entrepreneurship and the value it adds to the community as well as the individual itself.

We listened to six entrepreneurs during this event as they told their story in great detail given us an insight on their successes and failures. The truth is that being an entrepreneur requires hard work as you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

I have to say that my favorite entrepreneur during this event was Iseult Ward. This woman is the co-founder of FoodCloud. She was also crowned the Real Entrepreneur 2014. This company FoodCloud is based in Ireland and they cater towards the homeless who are in need of food. Their motto is ‘’Connecting those who have too much food with those who have little’’. Basically, FoodCloud is available as an app. This app allows companies such as Tesco and Aldi to connect with FoodCloud in order to to send large quantities of unused

Bank of Ireland ‘thinkbusiness.ie’ Isuelt Ward of Foodclud, Dublin. May 2015. Copyright ©2015 Paul Sherwood Photography http://www.sherwood.ie

food to feed the homeless. The aim of it all is to prevent food wastage. Iseult provided some statistics in regards to the amount of food that is wasted yearly- one million tonnes of food is wasted in Ireland yearly and even all over the world at least 30% of food is either lost or wasted. Overall, Iseult has a lot of passion for the company that she created. That is something that I’ve learnt from lecturers and videos- whatever you plan to create/do, you should have a great passion for it.

Another entrepreneur that I found amusing was Elva Carri. She was real bubbly asimage-1 she told her story on the stage. She is the creator of GirlCrew, which is also available as an app. Her story was funny enough as it all started through the Tinder Dating app. The funny thing was that even though she is a girl she changed her gender to male on Tinder because she wanted to go dancing yet none of her friends would go with her. Although she did that, she also put in little pink text that she was a female and that she was looking to go dancing.

 I was literally in hysterics when she told her story. The app GirlCrew is original

‘girl focused’ as it connects thousands of girls all over the world to come together for events and obviously to make new friends. The good thing about this app is that you can create events yourself and you can meet people that are local to you. To be honest the whole idea of Girlcrew sounds adventurous and enjoyable.

What’s also interesting is that a Romanian entrepreneur, Adrian Mihai truly believes that you will be happy if you start your own business which is exactly what he did. He is the co-founder of Opening.io. This is a business that does matching and recommendations for those who are looking for jobs through the use of CV’s and job posts. Usually the recommended time for an individual to get feedback on whether or not they got the job takes 3-6 months, so this website helps to speed up thefullsizerender process of receiving a job. I believe that this is highly beneficial for anyone and graduates of colleges. He also provided tips/rookie mistakes when it comes to start- up companies…

  1. Endless polish. Prototype fast.
  2. Business people try to convince a client that their product does that too. Instead try to sell the idea of the product to a client.
  3. Not bootstrapping at all- understanding why you need the investments for your start- up company.
  4. Start- up companies should be aiming for one goal- Survival.

I believe these are great tips that start-up companies and even existing businesses can use when looking to design products to impress clients.

Gavan Walsh, the founder of iCabbi which is a taxi dispatch system was also present at the Get Started 2016 event. He was also a 2016 finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year under the International Category. He was highly motivated from a young age to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father, John Walsh is the founder of the Irish School of Motoring which began in 1961. Gavan spoke of his successes and failures. One of them being that he sold gavanwalshicabbijan16_largeChristmas trees when he was around 19 and that proved a success for himself as well as his cousin. Since that proved successful, he thought of the idea of selling debs dresses that were only worn once, however this proved unsuccessful as he himself said he had no idea about women’s fashion. Although it proved an unsuccessful idea, he proved to me that anyone can literally start their own business at any age whether you’re a college dropout or are in full time work. ‘’You can only grow as big as your vision.’’

Philippe Brodeur, the creator of Overcast HQ was also present. Overcast HQ is a video platform that helps business people manage their video files. Anyone is capable of changing the world for good and that is what Philippe was setting out to do. His business has proved a success in Ireland among marketers, advertisers, agencies, producers and 19340beeven broadcasters. Businesses can save up to 90% of time on rudimentary tasks and this, I believe, is a handy enough tool to use when managing videos. He also mentioned that there are 5 reasons start-ups succeed:

  • Team
  • Idea
  • Plan
  • Timing
  • Funding

All reasons are essentially important, however Philippe did emphasize that the number one reason start-ups succeed is because of Timing. Timing has got to do with the responsiveness of the market to a change. So his idea of creating a start-up in the market may prove successful or unsuccessful as it depends on whether the market is lacking in the product/service at a certain period of time.

Last but not least, we have Brian O’Rourke and Alan Farrelly who were college graduates and now are real time entrepreneurs. Brian O’Rourke is DCU’s very own business graduate. They are the creators of the transportation company CitySwifter alongside Sean Byrne. Just like Gavan Walsh, they had to find a business idea that appealed to them individuallyimages. They had their turn of trials and errors as their first business was Busman.ie which unfortunately failed and then there was the creation of Concertbus.ie which also didn’t work. Now fast-forward to 2016 and the creation of CitySwifter is in operation in Ireland. CitySwifter has received over 15,000 journey requests and also makes at least 1,000 passenger trips a day. A day in the life of an entrepreneur will come with its ups and downs when wanting to start a business just like it did for Brian and Alan; however one thing is for sure that they didn’t fear failure. They continued to stay positive amidst all the challenges that they faced and are pretty much successful at what they do.image

So, is entrepreneurship worth the try? HELL YAAAAAS. I think if you have a business idea that you believe can change the world or even make the world a better place, then you should take that risk just like a true entrepreneur would. The idea of being your own boss is enough to want to become an entrepreneur. Even having passion for whatever you do should be a driving force towards personal achievement. All these entrepreneurs took that risk knowing that they could potentially fail, so why shouldn’t you take that risk? There is always a reward at the end of each success and failure. It could be developing as a person mentally or spiritually, or your business idea could change the world for a better place. Whatever it is, just have faith in yourself that one day you could be that one person telling your story on stage among millions of people and you could inspire that one person to just do it.

‘’The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.’’

Nolan Bushnell.