Why Social Media Marketing is GREAT….

So, as most of you will remember I posted a blog post on TheMaggieBlog about a #GetStarted event that happened quite frankly last year in the month of November. Well, this time I have another blog post to share with you guys relating to Social Media Marketing!! SocialImage result for social media Media is such a popular aspect of life at the moment. I can guarantee you that at least everyone who owns an electronic device in the world wakes up every morning and checks their social media status before going about to do their daily duties. Even I do it… sometimes…

Anyways, the event #GetSocial’17 happened on of course, Valentine’s Day. What a coincidence!! [Each speaker had something interesting to say and one thing that] I highlighted during the whole 4-hour event was the word: ‘ENGAGEMENT‘. That word seemingly popped up so many times in regards to social media marketing that I just had to write it down. Companies that want to build a relationship with the public eye all aim for the engagement of the people. Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of building ones’ company – whether it is through videos, blog posts or even podcasts.


Paul Hayes was our host for that night. CEO Founder of Beachhuts PR, their aim is ‘’to service the needs of the fastest growing tech players.’’ One thing is for sure that he didn’t get to where he was so easily, in fact, he had to deal with failure along the way to get to a successful position in his life. Also a fact to keep in mind is 90% of company start-ups fail but… WILL YOUR COMPANY BE THE ONE TO SURVIVE? One thing I’ve been taught since doing all three business subjects in secondary school is that profit will always come and go but the one thing that a business aims for is SURVIVAL.

Anyways, on to the social media talk. Social Media. What is Social Media? Here’s a little video in which kids explain Social Media. I would say it’s the cutest video yet.

What Is Social Media, anyway?


Social Media is a wonderful thing, right? We had six guest speakers explain how social media marketing aided in advancing their business towards success. There are so many companies in Ireland, that are yet to become huge and social media marketing is one of the greatest phenomena to be of help to start ups and even existing companies. 

First speaker of the night was Matthew Weil, the founder of VoiceSage. Engagement is definitely something that was highlighted during his talk and just like many other guest speakers during the event. ‘’VoiceSage makes customer engagement smarter giving you proactive, intelligent conversations with your customer.’’ Something that I surely remember him mentioning is ‘Life before Facebook’. It’s funny because I only joined Facebook in the year 2016, so I felt I was on his wave, if you get me… Facebook was not something that I have wanted to join only because of the crazy things that I hear about it with regards to beef and whatnot… However, I knew that once I was accepted into college, I had to join a social media site in order to stay in contact with classmates, family and even friends. Sure there are crazy headlines on my timeline due to the pages that I follow but after all, I’m only there for the connectivity and engagement with my peoples.

Videos seem to be the best way to convey your message about your company to engage the population.

On the topic of engagement, one of the speakers known as Aisling Tobin had a very good presentation on the Rules of Engagement to engage the audience. To sum it all up: people enjoy looking through the internet to discover new and interesting things. The brand Jameson Irish Whiskey aims to give the people what they want to see. This could be through tweets and even top quality videos. People want to be able to share inspiration and even aspirations through pictures and so Jameson Irish Whiskey set up a Twitter Account to pursue this: #SineMetuSpirits. 

I myself have checked it out and I found out that Sine Metu means ”without fear”. Sine Metu is actually an awesome Twitter page to start with, I can definitely see the brand Jameson Whiskey being even more popular with the likes of social media marketing in the future.

Image result for jameson irish whiskey logo

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. When you fear a bit less, you live a bit more. 

Snapchat has now become a more useful tool nowadays for not only people but also companies such as Bank of Ireland. Bank of Ireland is the first banking company to use Snapchat as a way to engage their customers. Their motto is to ‘Create, Curate and Collaborate’. Videos seem to be the best way to convey a message about any company to engage the public and so, Bank of Ireland create videos to let the people know what’s poppin’ down in their bank. Annie Marie Boyhan, the head of Social Bank of Ireland explained the 3 C’s to the audience. Like I said before, ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ is a word that popped up so many times and this presentation screamed ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ at every corner. 

Related image

Here is a video of the co-founder as well as the CEO of Snap Inc., Evan Spiegel:

About 84% of the population expect brands to produce content in some form as a way of engaging the people about their company. As a digital transformation consultant, Hugh Curran (another guest speaker), highlighted that 6 out of 10 people watch content through videos on their portable devices, i.e. laptop, android. I am one of those people who enjoy watching videos all the time, especially on YouTube. YouTube I believe is quite big nowadays, I’ve witnessed a lot of people create YouTube accounts even some of my friends have decided to create content through YouTube.  However, although there are thousands of people creating content, 60% of the content produced is of poor quality as stated by Hugh Curran. Obviously, I’m sure people would not want to watch content that is of crappy quality because I know I wouldn’t. I believe he reinforced the importance of creating top quality content through videos to engage the people who enjoy watching videos.Image result for engagement word

Moving away from the topic of engagement, although that was the main thing that I heard all throughout the event, we move on to the word ‘Connectivity’. I believe Paul Berney emphasised the concept of Connectivity through his speech. With Social Media Marketing, companies are connected to each individual person on this planet through the use of different kinds of communication. For companies, I believe the main one would be face-to-face communication. In order for one to be a Connected Marketer, as Paul termed it, companies would need to build an understanding, enable, remove barriers to engagement and be of service.

  • Build an Understanding: Do your research!! Ask and listen to customers.
  • Enable: It’s all about connectivity!! Focus on the customer.
  • Remove barriers to engagement: No one likes complexity.
  • Be of service: Customers want companies who will be able to understand and also recognise issues at hand.Image result for Disruption word

Last but not least, Eric Weaver was the final guest of the day. This guy works within Xerox as a Vice President of Communications & Marketing. The word of the day for him was ‘DISRUPTION’. Now I won’t lie, but that is not a word that sticks to me entirely unlike that of ‘ENGAGEMENT’; however, Eric had some interesting words to say. He mentioned that companies get excited over the word disruption as this is a way to challenge companies to solve the problem, however at the same time; they dread the outcome of disruption. I myself dread the idea of disruption, but it happens daily to individuals, so why wouldn’t it happen to businesses as well? 

So in the end, the event turned out to be great and I learnt that ‘ENGAGEMENT‘ is the key for social media marketing. All speakers had great knowledge on their topics of discussion and I am glad that I was able to attend this event. This has also given me ideas for a start-up that I would like to create in the future. I hope this has given you some insight into social media marketing and good luck with your start-up or even your existing company.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.






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